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FASTechnologies SmartParts Information Server 1.1

FASTechnologies proudly announces the Shop-Wide-Web!

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The SmartParts Information Server gives you instant access to information from your live drill programs. You'll always get the correct tool sizes and hit counts, because the reports aren't ever stored: They come directly from your live drill programs. 
So, with the SmartParts Information Server, you can eliminate printed (or filed) drill travelers and instruction sheets. If your CAM department changes a drill diameter or hit count, there's no need to chase down and alter the drilling paperwork, because there is no drilling paperwork!

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This is an intranet. It's your private SWW (shop-wide-web). When you want to see the report on a particular part number, you run Netscape or I.E., and "surf" your SmartParts Internet Server. You can bring up a home page with a directory listing of all of the drill programs, or a simpler (faster) page where you can just type in the part number. When you select a drill program, the SmartParts Information Server instantly reads it and creates a statistics report just like the sample shown below. Because the report comes straight from the actual drill program, it can never be out of revision! The report is made from exactly the same data your drilling machine will run, the instant before you see it.

So how does the SmartParts Information Server work? Well, for starters, it's a zero-setup web server program. So, you get your drill reports using a normal (free) web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer. The server program runs (in background) on any Windows (95 or later) computer, and it uses your company network like a private internet (a.k.a. "intranet"). 

See the illustration below for the details.

Here's how the SmartParts Information Server works in your shop.

REPORT ON CNC PROGRAM <d:\nc\excellon\12019DRL.TMS>

feed speed table <c:\spis\default.fs>
T01   .0240      53     1,800      1    S79.6   F136       128
T02   .0260   5,560     1,800      4    S73.5   F146       808
T03   .0400       5     2,500      1    S47.7   F160        49
T04   .0410     603     2,500      1    S46.6   F159       186
T05   .0492     677     2,500      1    S38.8   F148       197
T06   .0520       5     2,000      1    S36.7   F145        50
T07   .0550     169     2,000      1    S34.7   F141       115
T08   .0730      33     1,500      1    S26.1   F115        57
T09   .0810      13     1,500      1    S27.9   F120        63
T10   .0846      25     1,500      1    S26.6   F109        60
T11   .0945       5     1,500      1    S24.4   F092        34
T12   .1065      17     1,000      1    S22.0   F092        65
T13   .1260      19     1,000      1    S25.0   F090       115
T14   .1285      29     1,000      1    S25.0   F090       140
T15   .1339       9       700      1    S25.0   F090        54
T16   .1570       9       500      1    S20.0   F030        75
T17   .1850      21       400      1    S20.0   F030       120
Totals        7,252                                      2,316

The run time estimate is 01:02:39

Remember, this information stays on your own office network, and it's every bit as secure as your office network. For demonstration purposes, though, we've got our copy of the SmartParts Information Server running out on the open internet, and you can try it out by clicking here.

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