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FASTechnologies proudly announces the Shop-Wide-Web!

The Graphic Drill Display is a real step-saver. It allows you to just click on a CNC drill program, and immediately get a color graphic display of the holes. Best of all, it uses a powerful new "applet" to give you full zoom and pan capability right inside your Netscape or Internet Explorer browser! 
If you'd like to try the zoom and pan capability right now, just visit the AutoDesk Whip site, and download the "Whip" applet for your browser. After you've installed the "Whip" applet (and rebooted your computer), you can visit our actual SmartParts Information Server and see the magic for yourself. (Note: The graphics viewer loads much faster when you're running it on your own Ethernet). In the meanwhile, the GIF animation below should give you a good simulation of the Graphic Drill Display. 
In the real SmartParts Information Server, you can also click on any hole to get an immediate report on exactly how the hole was made. This includes the tool number, diameter, X:Y coordinate, panel hit number, and tool hit number. For more information about this, click here.

With the AutoDesk "Whip" applet, you can zoom and pan your graphic drill displays inside Netscape or Internet Explorer. The animated GIF to the left of this column shows some snapshots of an actual "Whip" display. 
The "Whip" applet is free for the downloading from the AutoDesk web site. If you'd like to give this powerful tool a try, just download it, close your browser install it, and click here. Be prepared for an entirely new experience in web browsing!
With the SmartParts Information Server, you can click on any hole in a "Whip" drawing, and get an immediate report on the hole's coordinate, tool number, diameter, and sequence in the drill program. That's really handy for picking up missing holes on a drilling machine, because you can find out exactly how many holes to skip on the CNC before resuming the drilling.

Here's a simulated drill graphics page for you to inspect:

wb1385b.jpg (1873 bytes)

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