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BITA  Information Page

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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want that's changed, take a look here first.    

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 

Established in 1991, ACE Dragon Corporation’s HQ (R&D and manufacturing center) is located in the Hsinchu Science Park, which is the heart of Taiwan’s high-tech hub, giving them access to the best engineers on the island. To offer comprehensive services to their clients in China, sales offices and service stations were also set up in Shanghai, Kunshan, Suzhou, Beijing and Dongguan in 2002.

ACE Dragon, Dr. Storage dry cabinet provides 24 hours continuous protection from moistures. They are pleased to be a part of your production line. 20 years of commitments and services, ACE Dragon strive to provide the best services to their customers. ACE Dragon will continue this promise now and the future. More information at their website: ACE Dragon

SEPTEMBER 7, 2007 

BTU International, Inc. a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing and alternative energy markets, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with DEK International, a business of Dover Corporation, a leading provider of printing equipment and processes for the high accuracy mass imaging of electronic materials.
"BTU and DEK both hold technology leadership positions, creating a rare opportunity to create a powerful, synergistic partnership to serve the photovoltaic industry," van der Wansem explained. "By combining our distinct skill sets and global footprints, BTU and DEK, in partnership, will generate high throughput process results and deliver strong service and support to customers around the world."

DEK CEO John Hartner agrees: "This new partnership has raised the bar in terms of productivity and throughput to deliver a distinct cost of ownership advantage for today's photovoltaic manufacturers. An intrinsic part of our 'Expect More' philosophy, this alliance is an ideal foundation from which to drive down the unit cost of solar cells and increase the commercial viability of alternative energies. We are delighted to be teaming up with BTU, and look forward to building on our collective experience in this industry to deliver a complete solar cells manufacturing solution for our customers around the world."
More information can be obtained at their website:

MARCH 27, 2007 

Do you produce solar modules, or the necessary materials for their production? Do you plan and build factories for the PV sector? Are you involved in consulting? Do you invest in PV technology? If so, come meet us at the new Photovoltaic Technology Show! We will be present a the BTU booth Hall 3 L5 in the M.O.C. Munich.

The publishing company Solar Verlag GmbH – the experts behind the magazines PHOTON and PHOTON International, the leading sources of information in the PV sector – is organizing the event, developing the concept, and taking responsibility for the content.

More information can be obtained at their website:


NOVEMBER 24, 2006 

TPT has announced a new "Heavy Wire Bonder" for aluminum wire. The bonder is excellent for laboratories, pilot and pre-production runs and small scale production lines. More information at: https://www.bita.se/bitase1/tpt-hb30.htm

YES we have also updated our websites for Yield Engineering Systems product line to reflect production processes rather then just a model number.
Here is the link for additional information: 

MAY 24, 2006 

Ulf Berghman will be present from Tuesday morning May 30, until Thursday afternoon June 1, 2006.
Find more information at our

On May 10, BITA Luxembourg signed the contract with BTU to represent BTU-RTC in BeNeLux and the Nordic area for the high temperature furnace systems.

MARCH 27, 2006 

Ulf Berghman will be present from Tuesday morning April 4, until Thursday afternoon April 6, 2006.
Find more information at our

BITA Luxembourg will represent BMR in BeNeLux and the Nordic area. More information can be found at the  BMR Technology page.

MARCH 3, 2006 

RTC is now a part of BTU
On February 7, BTU acquired RTC - BITA will however continue as distributor/representative for RTC under BTU ownership. See more information on the official news release:  BTU-RTC Acquisition.  

Has designed a special Condor 100-3 in cooperation with ST Microelectronics, a unique sheer system for BGA devices. More information could be found at our news page

JANUARY 31, 2006 

Ulf Berghman will be at the show from Wednesday morning February 8, until Friday afternoon February 10, 2006.
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We have saved at the GTC Technical and News web page the latest newsletter; "Ultrasonics in Wire Bonding - Part 1", (in Ultrasonics in Wire Bonding - Part 1 format).

NOVEMBER 10, 2005 

Ulf Berghman will be present from Tuesday morning November 15, until Friday afternoon November 18, 2005.
Find more information at our Productronica page.

The Gaiser GTC Technical and News web page has been updated with the latest Newsletters about "copper wire bonding" and "Face angle - stress on second bond".

JUNE 1, 2005  

20th European Photovoltage Conference and Exhibition. From 6th to 10th June 2005, Barcelona will host the 20th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition. Ulf Berghman will be present from Tuesday morning June 7, until Thursday afternoon June 9, 2005 and you will find him at the RTC booth 214.       

BITA and XYZTEC have signed a distributor agreement to represent XYZTEC B.V. in Scandinavia (not Finland) and the Baltic area. XYZTEC is today the leading manufacture for Pull and Shear test equipment.
For more details, see the XYZTEC page         

MAY 19, 2005 

The now updated page is containing all datasheets, technical bulletins and newsletters issued by Gaiser Tool Company
: GTC Technical and News   
At the "Technical and News" page you can download GTC Technical Publication about the new
Maxibond wedge (patent Pending), or just click here: GTC_MaxiBond

Scribe 200 machine is easy to use for singulating components on 6’’ wafer. Robust, the Scribe 200 unit is immediately operational, with a minimum training. Vertical targeting is carried out with a video set including a target generator (video crosshair). For more details, see the JFP S200-6 and S100-3 page 

FEBRUARY 24, 2005 

HYBOND Peg Bonder
PEG Bonders are basically to bond insulated wire. Common applications include disk drives, etc.. Also PEG bonding technology can be used as a direct replacement for reflow soldering equipment. Other applications include hard disk head stack assemblies, head gimbal assemblies, microwave, sensor circuits, ball coining, flex-on-flex, ribbon tacking, pin-tab bonding, and mesh bonding. For more details, go to the HYBOND Peg Bonder page     

ASM Products
ASM is world’s number one assembly equipment manufacturer for the global microelectronics industry, offering complete factory automation solutions to customers for their assembly and packaging needs. Our webpages do now include the complete line of wirebonders as well as wafer bumping and flip-chip bonders.

For more details, go to the
ASM Product Page         

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